Use Cases

Be inspired. Many of our customers use our search solution for various enterprise scenarios.
Contact us, if you discover an interesting solution and need an adaptation for your company.

  • Developer Search

    Benefit from a customized portal with excellent search functionalities that meets the demands of product developers.

  • Media Portals on Company Websites

    Journalists need specific and newest product information or information from the top management.
    A media portal enriched with intelligent search mechanisms helps them to get along easily.  

  • Universal Search

    With only one search box you will get access to all company information consisting of various document types stored in different data sources.

  • Automatic Generation of Newsletters

    We automatically analyze and classify your most important information sources according to relevant content and provide your employees with a newsletter that contains everything worth knowing. Everything entirely automated, of course.

  • Search in Company Websites

    Your homepage visitors will thank you. All your customers will quickly and easily find the product they are searching for. Without any detours and without knowing the correct spelling.

  • Shopping Portals & Shop Systems

    You have many products and product categories in your shopping portal and no automatic categorization? Increase the time your customers spend in your shop and maximize your sale.
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  • Knowledge & Ideas Management

    Your employees do not only need an overview but also an insight, exact evaluations and facts for specific topics. IntraFind intelligently supports whole research processes.