Elastic and IntraFind: How Elasticsearch becomes a complete enterprise search product

Get more success for your business with the number one enterprise search solution in the world: IntraFind Software AG turns Elasticsearch into a complete enterprise search solution and perfect insight engine for your business.

Elastic is a global leading company which offers open source software for search, analytics and logging structured and unstructured data.  Over 100 million users already benefit from the Elastic Stack. With iFinder5 elastic IntraFind transforms the open Elasticsearch technology into a powerful Insight Engine.

With Elasticsearch companies benefits from:

  • Scalability: No matter how high your dataset is, Elasticsearch is highly scalable and grows with your data.
  • Reliablity: By spreading the index, Elasticsearch ensures better load distribution and more reliability. Complex search requests by multiple instances can be processed simultaneously.
  • Flexibility: By adding or deleting documents or making changes to the rights and role concept, data sets are influenced by many changes. Elasticsearch is perfect for companies with high data growth.
  • Searching in Real-time: Changes in the indexed and search-related databases are immediately visible in the next search queries.
  • Significantly improve search results by combining Content Analytics and Elasticsearch
  • Knowledge management: The hit list provides all relevant and related information across all data sources and helps to make descisions.

With iFinder5 elastic, customers can completely focused on their core business and do not need additional knowledge in the programming of further features invest.

Make or buy?

Instead of having Elasticsearch itself or a service provider expand it into a project-specific suitable solution, you can simply use an established product that has the experience of 17 years of Enterprise Search business.

Arguments for iFinder5 elastic as added value to Elasticsearch:

  • Infrastructure: Converter service supports more than 600 different fileformats, supports many protocols (SOAP, JSON, Hessian, XML), central configuration, installer for all services
  • Security: SSL Support out oft he box, field base index encryption, ACL always in index
  • Usability: full blown Enterprise Search UI, central Admin Interface, support rights and role concepts
  • Ready-to-use Plugins for Confluence, Sharepoint, Liferay and Wordpress
  • Add-ons: Fuzzy and semantic autocomplete, Tagging Service with skill extraction, text classification, Thesaurus service, crosslingual service, multi tenancy, data center replication
  • Total: Connect to all data sources with over 60 built-in connectors to deliver all the content, full-text and metadata from your Insight Engine's diverse data sources.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learing, Linguistics, Graph databases: Lemmatization and decomposition of compounds for 33 languages, integration of thesauri and taxonomies, processing of multilingual documents, crosslingual search, semantic search, rule-based procedures, text classification, fact extraction, natural language processing support

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