Solutions for Media & Publishers:
Enterprise search, tagging & semantic search for content portals

Support of the editorial department through automatic indexing service

In addition to improving the search in content portals or in internal company data, IntraFind technologies support the work in the editorial department. The tagging service automatically delivers high quality keywords and topical suggestions according to objective measures from the created editorial content. The editor can accept these suggestions, for example, for a link of his/her article to the content portal or he/she can make manual changes and amendments themselves.


The elimination of extensive manual routine work means a valuable relief and saved time for editors. Moreover, the editorial contents are easier to reuse and be used on the portals through an optimal context-based linking.


With the help of the tagging service, for example, the entire ZEIT archive was uniformly automatically indexed and the 400,000 articles were linked in a meaningful and user-friendly manner.

Improvement of the search quality in content portals

Through the integration of the linguistic component LISA into the IntraFind iFinder or in an existing Solr-based search solution, the quality of hits in content portals can be improved significantly. Powerful technologies dissect and analyze the search query of the portal visitor in the background and deliver a clear and complete hit list, independent of capitalization, typos or a difference between the singular and plural form of the search term.


A quick and uncomplicated way to the desired hit list results as an added value for the users, through which their motivation to visit the portal more frequently and to dwell on the websites for a longer time is increased.

Increase of user-friendliness for portal visitors

For companies of the media and publishing sectors, it is essential to gear their online offers optimally to the customer needs. Long dwell times, a large selection of visited pages and high click numbers of the portal visitors are important indicators for the determination of advertisement prices. Simultaneously, in addition to the journalistic quality, the user-friendly presentation of the content provides for a more frequent usage and a longer-term binding to the medium.


The IntraFind Enterprise Search product iFinder supports portal visitors in the targeted search through a clear interface and functionalities like the auto-complete or typo correction during the entry of the term itself. With an automatic linking of the article and the context-dependent display of further information, the portal visitors are additionally encouraged to look through the contents and stay on the portal for a longer period of time.


Modern technologies support media and publishers in the digital age.


In the digital age, the media and publishing sector is confronted with numerous challenges.

New technologies such as high-speed internet connections, smartphones and tablet PCs allow for comprehensive, fast and mobile access to larger and larger quantities of information, which also leads to a changed user behavior. The customers expect communication in real time under the inclusion of all digital channels and a simple and precise access to the desired information.

For journalists, due to the transition from printed media to online media, there is an even stronger requirement to prepare large quantities of information in an understandable manner and to network contents together meaningfully. For media and publishing companies, this means the development of new payment models far from the classic print subscriptions and advertisement prices.

Furthermore, takeovers, mergers and bankruptcy of media and publishing companies and the closure of established printed media such as the "Frankfurter Rundschau" and "Financial Times Germany" newspapers result in an even stronger concentration of the market, a further increase in competition and increasing cost pressure in the companies.

IntraFind developed special solutions for employees and companies of the media and publishing sector for the efficient preparation and linking of text information and supports their investigation process with powerful search technologies such as the iFinder. Renowned companies such as ZEIT ONLINE and Wolters Kluwer Deutschland obtain high quality results with a simultaneous saving in time and costs through the usage of IntraFind technologies.