With Enterprise Search and tagging the right information at the right time - in spite of Big Data


Given ever-increasing amounts of data, companies need solutions for a quick and comprehensive access to their information. The right information at the right time can bring a competitive edge and be decisive for economic success.


The search for appropriate solutions and tools for dealing with large amounts of data has long been the concern of IT managers in companies - the topic "Big Data" is on everyone’s lips. Recent studies show that especially unstructured data contain important information that has to be analyzed, used and be made available for further processing for employees or systems such as Business Intelligence (BI).


But what are "Big Data" actually?


Many years of practical experience show that "Big Data" start where companies lose oneself in the variety of applications, systems and file storage structures, in short, where they cannot find anything anymore. Thus, the topic "Big Data" not only concerns big enterprises but also medium and small sized companies; however, solutions for this do not need to be expensive, time-consuming and complex.


Using a company-wide search solution (Enterprise Search) can help enormously to break information silos containing location or department specific information and allow all employees a fast and user-friendly access to the information they need.


Not only classic enterprise search scenarios, but also the analysis of log files, measurement and sensor data, real-time data and classical business intelligence data combined with structured, semi-structured and unstructured information form the spectrum of our projects in the Big Data environment.