Support & Consulting Services


IntraFind offers support and consulting services in the strategic conception and implementation of Enterprise Search projects and follows a practice-related, holistic approach under the early consideration of possible technical and organizational factors, which could endanger the success of the project for a long time.


If an Enterprise Search project is already in a critical phase and a failure is imminent, customers can also count on the expertise of the experienced IntraFind project leaders, who will stand by their side and work together with them on solutions.


In addition, IntraFinds know-how lies in planning and execution of big data projects. Through a detailed analysis of customers data sources, IntraFind is able to provide certainty in planning and cost transparency.


Please contact us for support e.g. for the following scenarios:


  • Elasticsearch Consulting & Support - For customers planning to implement elasticsearch into their enviroment
  • Generals Support - for decision making processes which open source technology (Lucene, SolR, Elasticsearch) would be the best fit
  • Strategic Consulting & Project Management
  • Critical Project Situation - Consulting for customers having a critical project situation
  • Big Data Projects - Consulting and project management