We already receive numerous inquiries from companies that are looking for alternatives to the obsolete Google Search Appliance. Many companies are especially keen on replacing the existing black box with many dependencies. With the search solution iFinder5 elastic, IntraFind provides an intelligent GSA replacement. Your previous data sources, either websites or file systems, are adopted by our powerful search solution iFinder5 elastic and are immediately available for your search.

Integrate our search solution iFinder5 elastic into your IT infrastructure and search on web pages, portals, file systems - or in any other relevant data source. IntraFind offers a highly flexible, scalable and fail-safe solution that is available either as a complete software package for installation or as preconfigured virtual appliance. With the iFinder5 elastic you gain insight into the performance of our product and no black box. Our connectors suite is very extensive and offers any kind of flexibility you need to add further important information sources.

Your IT staff gets an easy to install product that is also easy to manage via an administration user interface. Once our solution has been implemented successfully, it will be indispensable for your employees’ everyday work. The right information at the right time - this is our credo.

Our GSA migration planning

Migration plan for replacing Google Search Appliance - four steps to go live.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Fast and easy implementation: The iFinder5 elastic search solution integrates seamlessly into your existing IT environment.
  • Easy to administer: Intuitive handling through our administration-UI.
  • Flexible and highly scalable search solution: Your data volume grows? We adjust.
  • Secure Search: Security is a top priority at IntraFind. Our search is right-checked.
  • You decide: Available as software or virtual appliance - because hardware was yesterday.


„With its sophisticated search capabilities the iFinder5 elastic is well accepted among our employees. The integration of the search solution in our portal was simple as well as time- and cost-efficient.”

Stephan Wolter, CIO, IHK Berlin

"When it comes to search solutions, many companies in Germany wish for high flexibility rather than a black box. We offer this kind of flexibility and the data remains where it is – in your company."

Franz Kögl, CEO, IntraFind Software AG

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Software made
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Almost 20 years
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More than 1.000 customers
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