iFinder5 elastic -
The most important innovations at a glance.

The right information at the right time.

The iFinder5 elastic is the ideal point of entry into your company data. Your employees will immediately find exactly the information they need.

These are the main new features and the benefits for your company:

  • By combining Enterprise Search and Content Analytics, your search results can be improved significantly.

    The searcher will not only receive documents which contain the search term itself or forms of the search term, but also documents that correlate strongly regarding content.

  • A new user interface, a new dashboard and many more new features...

    facilitate the handling of information in everyday life, and the exchange of information in teams.

  • High scalability, load balancing...

    allow real-time indexing and reliability, rapid load distribution and thus a quick search in large databases - Big Data Analytics.

  • Gold & Platinum Node Support powered by Elastic

    embedded in iFinder