All important questions and answers about iFinder5 elastic

Does iFinder5 elastic provide search results via REST API?

All our Services provides REST API. We support JSON, XML, Hessian and SOAP Requests.

Does iFinder5 elastic also support style search queries like quotes, plus and minus?

Yes, style search queries are fully supported. We provide + (MUST) - (NOT) and QUOTES as well as AND, OR, NOT, ANDNOT, NEAR, Range Queries, etc.

Can search results be restricted for users - for example, for specific documents or URLs?

The index can be segmented for different tenants. It is also possible to set up search profiles for specific user groups that enable certain documents that are relevant for this group to be displayed at the top of the hit list (for example product data sheets for product managers). Documents that are not relevant for this user group are not displayed in the hit list.

Which file formats does the iFinder5 elastic support?

The IntraFind connectors suite includes more than 60 connectors for connecting all relevant data sources and supports over 600 different file formats. These include websites, PDFs and MS Office documents (even legacy formats). User can have a preview of the documents directly from the hit list. A detailed iFinder5 elastic connector overview can be found here.

How is the weighting be defined? Is it mandatory, that the search term occurs in title, header or meta tags of the document?

The weighting can be defined via any index fields. In addition, further "boost factors" can be defined that influence the weighting.

Is it possible to predefine certain keywords or phrases, under which the document can be find?

This is our "best bet" approach. You can define keywords or phrases on which a specific, predefined result will appear.

Does iFinder5 elastic adapt rank/relevance via API based upon specific result clicked?

Yes, it does so through the Click2Rank API functionality, if this functionality has been enabled. Using the Click2Rank is of course optional.

Does iFinder5 elastic also provide reports to accessible non-admin users?

The admin UI is role based. You can create an admin UI user who is only eligible to see reports. That means recent search queries, top 10 queries, top 10 no result queries, etc.

Is it possible to use the legacy GSA frontends in iFinder5 elastic?

Yes, because we provide a GSA wrapper. This wrapper "emulates" a GSA (for queries and results) for using the legacy GSA frontends. It is a very helpful “middleware”, which makes GSA Replacements very easy for the customer.