iFinder5 elastic
Everyone can benefit. From single users to whole teams.

Benefits for cross-departmental use

From a simple search up to the information center. Divisions benefit from dissolving information silos and collaborative tools…

Benefits for your department

Searching across all drives/files systems allows a holistic view at the contents of existing documents…

Research & Development

Research, detect relations, not overlook important information – the iFinder5 elastic supports your work ideally. 

Customer Support &
Customer Service

Facilitate the access to possible solutions to your customers and employees. Optimize the productivity of your customer service...

Web Development &

You are in charge of your company’s intranet, extranet and portals? Maybe you also look after the company website? Read here, how the iFinder elastic supports your readers.


Experts of IntraFind entirely support and accompany search projects – from the conceptual phase up to go-live.