iFinder5 elastic Enterprise Search
Search. Find. IntraFind.

With iFinder5 elastic IntraFind offers an optimal solution for Enterprise Search and finding important information.
Read below the possible uses there and your benefits.

  • Intelligent Enterprise Search engine

    The iFinder5 elastic is an Enterprise Search application based on Elasticsearch. It is highly scalable and can always be adapted to the growing database of the customer. It can be used immediately.

  • Universal search

    Connectors link all relevant internal and external data sources to the iFinder5 elastic and thus ensure that nothing important is overlooked.

  • Search of integrated applications

    Do you have problems to find the right information right away in one of your applications? Replace an existing search in an application, for example, searching in a CMS-system, by searching with the iFinder5 elastic and benefit immediately from all the intelligent functionalities. The extension to universal search in the application by adding additional data sources (e.g. PLM-, CRM-system, Microsoft Exchange) is possible. 

  • Information center

    With the iFinder5 elastic you get many collaboration tools and small everyday helpers. You can, for example, share information with your colleagues ad hoc, learn new things about the company, find the right contact person and much more. 

  • Solution for knowledge management

    Consuming research work will be greatly simplified for knowledge workers. You can actively seek or be informed automatically about a particular subject. The universal search across all data sources, ensures a complete hit list and also provides thematically relevant and coherent information. You no longer need to constantly re-invent the wheel. 

  • Content Analytics platform

    Gain a deep insight into the content of your inventory information, get all linked documents from all data sources at the push of a button and derive therefrom important decisions. 

  • Natural Language Searches with NLP and Deep Learning

    By intelligent processing of searches and the analysis of predicate argument structures the iFinder5 elastic can interpret and understand natural language search queries. "Presentations on content analytics of the last 4 weeks“ for example, delivers matching new PPT or PDF documents with the topic content analytics in the defined period of time.

  • Usage-Based Relevance

    The quality of relevance within the hit list is one of the outstanding features of the iFinder5 elastic. It offers the possibility that the behavior of the user affects the relevance of the hit lists. Frequently selected search options and documents obtain more relevance, for example, even when considering the organigram. This way the user gets e.g. his colleague's filters suggested in his autocomplete function and so receives useful support for his research process. The iFinder5 elastic learns autonomously: the more something is searched, the bigger the influence on the relevance. Thereby the iFinder5 elastic offers the way from content-based relevance to usage-based relevance.

  • Customized hit lists through search profiles

    Administrators can flexibly and easily create individual search profiles for individual users or user groups (e.g. specialist departments or employees of a site), for example by restricting the search space to specific data sources, document types, document languages or location-dependent information.

  • App for iOS and Android

    Use the iFinder5 mobile and access your company data via smartphone or tablet.