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iFinder5 elastic

Search & Find is Intrafind's DNA: Our product iFinder5 elastic is your search engine for your company. You benefit from unified information access to all data sources you have. Provide your colleagues an easy to use interface and combine existing insights with innvovative thoughts. 

Tagging Service

You would like to see how all documents correlating to a certain term or topic? No problem. The fast IntraFind Tagging Service supports your search engine or application to get most out of your information.


Learn how our TopicFinder your content is getting classified in order to help you to get more insights in big data repositories. 

Elasticsearch Plugins & Services

You wish to enhance your elasticsearch search engine? IntraFind is providing you a complete service stack to maximise your search experience. 


Shorten the website search of your customers visiting your website. Our Autocomplete Service identifies correct words, provides highlighting, synomyms and search results upfront. Your customers get what they are looking for very fast.