Tagging Service

The Tagging Service extracts metadata (tags) from unstructured texts and recognizes the associated entities such as people, places and topics. With that, companies deduce the knowledge contained in the text, improve search and research processes and can incorporate the generated entities in many additional situations during processes, e.g. as part of automatic indexing (tagging) or targeted redistribution (routing) of documents.


Technical specification:

  • Operating systems
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher and Linux
  • Installation requirements
  • Java 7

Combinable services:

  • The Tagging Service can be purchased as sole product
  • The Tagging Service is used after the Converter Service and before the Index Service
  • All other services and plug-ins can be combined orthogonally in a pipeline


  • SOA documentation
  • Tagging Service user manual
  • Sample implementation in Java is provided
  • Demo directory with simple click-and-play usage examples

The service is interesting for:

  • Companies that want standardized and automated document indexing – e.g. content management systems, CMS, DMS, ERP etc.
  • Companies that require the identification of entities and other metadata in the indexing pipeline
  • Embedding partner
  • Elasticsearch developers
  • Solr developers