Linguistics Plug-in

The Linguistics Plug-in extends an Elasticsearch installation with features such as lemmatization and decomposition, thus improving the quality of the search with respect to precision and recall.


Technical specification:

  • Operating systems
  • All of Elasticsearch and Solr supported platforms
  • Installation requirements
  • Current Solr or Elasticsearch installation
  • An Java 7 JRE installation available in the path

Combinable services:

  • The Linguistics Plug-in can be used as standalone plug-in or upstream of the Search Service
  • All other services and plug-ins can be combined orthogonally


  • SOA documentation
  • Sample implementation in Java
  • Demo directory with simple click-and-play usage examples

The service is interesting for:

  • Companies, public authorities and academic institutions already using Solr or Elasticsearch which have high demands for linguistic processing
  • Elasticsearch developers
  • Solr developers