Autocomplete Service


Autocomplete offers users a comfortable automated filling and completion of search queries. The suggestions are generated on the basis of the actual existing index data, thus avoiding 0 hits searches. Alternatively, a dedicated autocomplete index can be implemented.

Technical specification:

  • Operating systems
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher, and Linux
  • Installation requirements
  • Java 7

Combinable services:

  • The Autocomplete Service can either be used as a stand-alone service with its own index, which is based on the customer’s needs, or in combination with the IntraFind Index and Search Service.
  • All other services and plug-ins can be combined orthogonally in a pipeline


  • SOA documentation
  • Sample implementation in Java is provided
  • Demo directory with simple click-and-play usage examples

The service is interesting for:

  • Companies that want to offer users a convenient and meaningful support in the search process
  • Embedding partner
  • Elasticsearch developers
  • Solr developers