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Classic autocomplete technologies help the user to complete his search query automatically while he is typing and after starting the search getting the results in a hit list. However, this is usually 1: 1 based on the words that are known to the autocomplete function (e.g. existing product names). But how many users want to spend a lot of time to research the correct spelling of product or brand names?


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Now that the searcher has typed countless spelling variants, searched and maybe hasn’t “found” the right product, he cancels the search and leaves the website. A loss for any company, which invested time and budget in sites, web shops and intensive advertising campaigns trying to reach customers.  



Autocomplete For Online Shops

In the world of online shopping a well-run, in other words a well-structured web shop with fast-find products are essential for a successful shopping experience. Providers of such shopping portals need to have highly intelligent mechanisms for a product search or product research. Web shop providers often offer their customers intelligent filtering mechanisms that accompany the user through the product range and they hope that the customer returns soon after a positive shopping experience. But what happens when a customer is looking for a particular product or a particular brand and does not know the exact spelling of the product? 


An internal analysis by IntraFind of smaller and larger web shops or shopping portals has revealed that many stores show weakness at this point. Brands or products with spelling mistakes are not recognized by the existing autocomplete functionality. Often, the user needs to enter the exact spelling of a product in order to get further suggestions in autocomplete or in the hit list. After several attempts the non-finding of a product ultimately leads to a disappointing shopping experience, and in the worst case to a web page jump. 


IntraFind can intelligently support at this point. Because even when you enter only a few letters, autocomplete starts and corrects spelling mistakes and suggests alternative terms. At a glance the customer sees the product or the brand, confirms the term and receives the desired product in the hit list as a result. Web shop providers benefit organizationally for instance in the international area. With simple mechanisms, the customer only sees the products available in his country. Products not relevant for the country are not displayed in autocomplete. 

Autocomplete For Company Websites

Especially corporate websites with many subpages are often hardly detected by third parties such as the customer. The customer will be supported with a well-designed navigation or filtering mechanisms. If the range of products exceeds the ability of these mechanisms, a good search engine is helpful.


The Autocomplete Service of IntraFind intelligently supports the customer when he enters his search term by automatically detecting spelling mistakes, tolerating errors, suggesting synonyms or related words. The customer no longer needs to know exactly how the manufacturer spells the product. Autocomplete also recognizes the right word “kaleidoscope” when spelling "kaleiduscope". 


Rechtschreibfehler-toleranter Automcomplete

The advantage: The customer can find the product quickly and easily.