Your Benefits at a Glance:

IntraFinds’s linguistics plug-in resolves these requirements:

  • Your users overlook nothing:
    complete search results and more relevant hits
  • Very easy integration and configuration in your Elasticsearch installation
    (as of Elasticsearch version 1.7)
  • Multilingualism:
    automatic speech recognition without complex configuration - even in case of mixed-language texts


With Linguistics for Elasticsearch your application is a step ahead of your competitors‘ solutions.

Linguistics Practical Example:

Let´s have a look how IntraFind's linguistics plug-in analyzes the word "policemen":

  • The plural form "policemen" is reverted to its base form "policeman".
  • The word "policeman" is recognized as a compound and separated into the single words "police" and "man".

By using IntraFind’s powerful linguistics plug-in, satisfied users quickly find what they are looking for!

Better Search Results with Linguistics for Elasticsearch

For customers and users searching is almost always a challenge: they never phrase their search query perfectly so that Elasticsearch can understand and process it ideally. This is due to singular and plural forms, and compound terms, which are typical for more complex languages. Elasticsearch lacks  "language comprehension" and thus the software only rarely delivers the perfect search result with suitable hit lists or suggestions. Too bad for you because the risk to frustrate or scare off your customers/users is proven to be very high!
But now you have the opportunity to better serve your users in an easy way, because we have the right solution for your Elasticsearch installation: For almost two decades, we have been working on linguistics and morphology products that better understand language and so provide better search results to hundred thousands of users every day. We concentrated the power of this experience into the linguistics improvement - as "tuning" for Elasticsearch. And you can strengthen your Elasticsearch installation by simply integrating a plug-in!
Even better: your users will find better. And you convince with your application!

Examples: Stemming versus IntraFind Linguistics plug-in

Word in a text   Stemmer   Linguistics plug-in
king k king
(a German family name)
mess Messer


Key Technology: Lingustic Analysis for Better Search Engine Results

By installing Elasticsearch linguistics, you get technologies that significantly improve your search engine‘s recall and precision: Your Elasticsearch search gets an upgrade with which your users/customers find what they are looking for without missing anything relevant.
The following technologies are integrated in Elasticsearch linguistics: Based on professional identification of language and word boundaries even of complex concepts, a very precise morphological basic form normalization enhances the quality of the search. Thereby the search for "author" also delivers hits with the word "children's book author". A search for "book" will also provide hits for declined forms such as "books".
The decomposition of arbitrarily composed terms into meaningful single components enhances the quality as well: The search for "book" also delivers hits with "children's books", the search for "Federal Research Ministry" delivers hits with "Federal Ministry for Science and Technology". With procedural lexicons, we achieve an extremely high degree of language coverage.
Overall, the index size is hardly bigger than a "normal index".


"With our linguistic plug-in, we provide a clear added value for Elasticsearch installations: users get high-quality and more complete search results and IT executives benefit from the simple integration possibilities."

Franz Kögl, CEO, IntraFind Software AG

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Software made in Germany
Software made
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Almost 20 years of market experience
Almost 20 years
of market experience
More than 1.000 customers Find with IntraFind
More than 1.000 customers
Find with IntraFind