iFinder Confluence Search
Search smarter and faster – in any kind of content

Get to the right content more quickly with our powerful search

We boost your search:

  • Linguistic capability
  • Duplicate search
  • Extended preview 
  • Search in > 600 file formats
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Advanced dynamic filters



The search add-on that understands what you are looking for

The enterprise search features of Intrafind's solution is AI-based and has a high level of competence in linguistic recognition. For over thirty languages, we provide language-specific high-quality linguistic analyzers. Word composites are correctly broken down and special characters, umlauts, currencies or units are recognized correctly.

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Get more value out of your data with these features

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  • Full Confluence integration
  • Autoc-omplete & auto-correction in searchbar
  • Instant search delivers results while you type
  • Synonym results 
  • Extended search control function



Navigation options:

  • Dynamic facets
  • Tab browsing
  • Duplicate search
  • Metadata view in result list
  • many more

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Getting started - Installation guide & requirements

Get more information on how to install iFinder Confluence Search.

Have also a close look at our hardware requirements – a part of our software needs to be installed on your server.

Help & support

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Upgrade to Enterprise Search & connect other data pools

We can of course connect other applications and data bases like file server, Jira, SharePoint, Office 365, and many more into the iFinder Confluence Search application. 
Additionally you can upgrade with functions like Knowledge Graph, GDPR search, GEO search, automated tagging of relevant keywords, automatic text classification for topic recognition and document analysis, 30 further language-specific high-quality linguistic analyzers and many more.

Turn your Confluence into THE central information hub for your company.

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