The iFinder5 elastic as Content Delivery Portal (CDP)

One product – many use cases...


The launch of the new product generation iFinder5 elastic results in new use cases. One of them is "Content Delivery", which aims at the aspect of the application-specific and user-friendly supply of quite static and - above all - quality assured information.

Examples are multilingual manuals, wiring diagrams and handbooks - ultimately any kind of approved information, for example, for the operation and maintenance of a complex system or machine. These documents and contents are enriched with valuable information from the iFinder-based content delivery solution at the end of a content management process and are provided to the user.

Imagine the whole as a two-step process:

  • First, information, usually from different data sources, is aggregated and displayed with the help of search technologies. With Elasticsearch in the backend, the iFinder5 elastic uses the state-of-the-art NoSQL index technology and combines it with the latest semantic and linguistic text analysis methods. The iFinder5 elastic identifies all relevant content and the content manager selects and assembles the needed information package for the respective use case. This is then stored in the own data store of the iFinder.
  • The second step is the tailored usage of the content - with IntraFind as online portal, also responsive on a smartphone or an iPad. The installed iFinder now displays all content application-specific and user-friendly.

Application-specific means that wiring diagrams are displayed differently than complex multilingual manuals.

User-friendly means that the iFinder supports the working process in various ways: The knowledge worker can navigate through contents and contexts. For a quick look-up, the best documents are displayed on the top of a well arranged hit list. By selecting categories like product or assembly group a technician can navigate through the knowledge map to the damaged component. Every user is able to research actively, is guided like in a modern online shop and is supported automatically throughout his research.

Documents and metadata, which usually are maintained separately, are brought together when compiling the data and thereby information is put effortlessly into context. When compiling the information, it is possible to enrich unstructured content such as user manuals with metadata from structured data sources such as PLM databases.

Another benefit of this solution is the possibility to automatically link contents which enables an easy navigation.

An example will illustrate this: The searched assembly group is displayed as navigation object in the hit list. By clicking on the assembly group all other content will be filtered accordingly to this assembly group and the user sees all references - highlighted in color - in the entire stock of documents at a glance. An additional overview of all references within a single document facilitates a quick capturing of the contents.

That is "information in context at your fingertips", summarizes Franz Kögl, CEO, the benefits of the new IntraFind solution.

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The Author

Manuel Brunner

Manuel Brunner is an expert on search technologies. Since 2008 he has been working for IntraFind Software AG and led the team Professional Services for many years before he took over the areas Partner Management & Business Development in his new role.

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