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IntraFind Site Search as an alternative to Google Site Search (GSS)

Well equipped for the shut down of Google Site Search


Corporate site, news portal, travel blog or online shop – many website operatorsuse Google Site Search (GSS) as a search tool for their website. GSS cost 100 to 2.000 US $ a year, depending on the search volume.   

But now this is it: On April 1, 2018, Google shut down GSS.  Website operators who were still using GSS must look for an alternative. Google offers its customers to change to Custom Search Engine (CSE). It comes free of charge but not free of advertising.  There are more disadvantages of CSE as opposed to GSS: It is not possible to remove the Google branding. The number of search requests per day is limited. There is no personal customer support by Google. It is unclear where the data is hosted.  Customers have no influence on where the data is hosted, if in Germany, if inside or outside EU.

IntraFind Site Search:
Simple, fast, and secure search for all web sites

If you do not want to use Google Custom Search, gets a ready-to-use, fast, and above all secure search appliance for your website.  IntraFind is a well-established company that has been providing Enterprise Search for small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations for more than 17 years. Site Search is our new search appliance that everyone can customize without programming skills or external help - and it also comes with many benefits compared with GSS.

To add IntraFind Site Search to your website, open sitesearch.cloud. On the Getting Started page, you can see the Site Search Gadget that you can use to add our search to your website.

To set up search:

  • Enter the URL of your website.
  • The website is indexed and a code snippet is generated.
  • Copy the code snippet and add it to the HTML code of your website.
  • If required, adapt the search field to the design of your website. That’s it.

So no additional infrastructure is needed for Site Search.  Maintenance is neither an issue. Site Search is a cloud-based application.  A major benefit compared with GSS: IntraFind Site Search is hosted in a German computer center in Frankfurt/Main and underlies the German data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

An additional advantage of IntraFind Site Search: It is based on Elasticsearch. The algorithm and the relevance of the search results are defined clearly - this was not the fact with GSS.

Site Search is responsive and can be fully adjusted to the CI of your website, so users will not notice that there is a separate component.  There is no advertising added.      

Intelligent autocomplete function, complete hitlist with linguistics, search in several languages

Users get enthusiastic about Site Search already when entering their search request. With the intelligent and error-tolerant autocomplete function, useful completion proposals - even phrases - are displayed already after entering the third letter.  Despite typos, correct autocomplete proposals are displayed to the user.

Linguistic functions in the background provide first-class quality and completeness of the hit list. Searching for “shirt” also finds “t-shirt”, searching for “book”, also finds “books”, “book’s”, “e-books” and “children's books”. Visitors of your website will find what they are looking for, regardless of the form of the word in the content.

Site Search supports multilingual websites and provides hit lists according to the selected language.

Freely scalable

No matter if there are 20 pages in the index, or 2 million, if there are 10 search requests per day or 10 million - the performance of the website and the efficiency of the search is scaled according to your requirements. The contents of your website are crawled periodically so that new content is timely available through search.

We offer suitable packages at favorable prices for every website and different requirements.  You can test Site Search free of charge for 14 days before purchasing it for your website.  Try it.

For more information about Site Search and the pricing options, see our Site Search product page.

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The Author

Alexander Orlov

Mit über zwölf Jahren Berufserfahrung in der Softwareindustrie, davon fünf Jahren Erfahrung in Entwicklung und Betrieb verteilter, cloud-basierter Microservicelösungen, leitet Alexander das Team Site Search.

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